Messagetrackinglog Exchange Powershell

This will be about using the Exchange messagetrackinglog within Powershell. Use this command to find if a mail is send or received. The Messagetrackinglog can help find out if there is any problem with your Exchange server and supply you with fital information.

First up is the basic command: Get-MessageTrackingLog.
This will show information about every message ever send with the Exchange server powershell is connected to.

You will need to learn how to filter these logs. The most important trick to create filters is finding out the information which is given. First thing to know the information given by the command. You can find out which field are available for selection when using the piping command and then use the command FL (Format List). Which is descriped more detailed within this post.

Get-MessageTrackingLog -Start 07/10/2019 -Sender | Select-Object EventId, Timestamp, Recipients, Messagesubject | Where-Object {$_.EventId -eq “SEND”}